Root my LG optimus L70?

In many websites, I have searched for a way to root my phone, this app was suggested, it said that it would support and be able to root my phone, however when I downloaded it, made sure it was ready, and tried to root it it says that the device is not supported, what should I do so I can be able to root?

By jameslouis in 2015

Try superuser root need pc downlod plug in phone and root I don't think theres a root for 4.4.2 and up yet my LG rooted on 3.0.2

By tylerprak in 2015

Thats what happen to me too i couldnt even root

By daant76 in 2015

I have this phone with 4.4.2 and TowelRoot. I got the same message but after rebooting, I checked and the phone was rooted. Try Root Checker app and verify that your phone has been rooted.

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