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Discover new kingdoms and protect them from the ravages of war in TALION -- a 3D MMORPG. You'll face battle after battle the whole way and join forces with one of the two existing factions in search of victory and an end to the war between two rivaling kingdoms.

This multiplayer RPG is completely online and pairs several elements from other successful titles like Black Desert. Its controllers are very simple and run dynamically. You can also automize your moves so that your character reacts uniformly to oncoming enemies with a swift punch without the need for you to tap non-stop on screen. Your hero -- by the way -- is completely customizable and you can change their outfit and accessories at whim from game one.

In TALION any NPC can come along and propose different missions for you to complete. Upon finishing their quest -- provided you don't die -- you'll gain EXP points that'll serve you later on to purchase new, better equipment for use in battle. You'll also need to control your spending and resources, and pick up items along your way in order to boost your progress within the game.

TALION is an MMORPG that's full featured. It'll quickly have you submerged in a world of action and adventure thanks to its quality graphics and immense number of objects to add to your inventory for use during battle.
By Erika Okumura

Android 4.2 or higher.

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Disneyana | May 2015 (2188) | Lynn Whitfield