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A simple and powerful file manager for Android


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Amaze File Manager is an open-source file management tool that lets you explore all the directories on your Android device, move files and folders, rename documents, copy and paste files, and so on.

The first Amaze File Manager feature that will catch your attention is its clean, simple, and elegant interface. In fact, users can even change the app's entire color scheme in its options.

Besides the basic features you'd expect from any file manager (cut, copy, delete, compress, extract, etc.), Amaze File Manager has some additional features that make working with your files even easier. The quick browse box, for example, gives you something like shortcuts to the directories you use most often.

Another interesting feature is its app manager, which lets you take a look at all the apps you have installed and delete them if you want to free up some memory on your Android.

Amaze File Manager is a simple but powerful file manager. Though it remains in an early stage of development, it still boasts a more-than-respectable interface and great features.
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Requires Android 4.0 or higher

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